Thursday, November 8, 2007


On Tuesday, we had fondue at the Funk's. A huge sorry goes to Hil and Ryan and Sophie, since we messed up the date and invited them that same Tuesday for dinner - we'll makeit up to you folks in December or January. Glad you found a temporary flat that allows you time to look for something else.

The Funk's have 3 daughters: in english spelling, I would write them as Jamila (7 or so), Natasha (5 y.o. or so), and Anushka (4mo). Even though Sonja is quite a bit younger than eiher Jamila or Natasha, they were eager to show her all the toys. She took a bit to warm up to them and to get past all the jumping (a bit too much energy for her at first), but once she did, the "cooked" together all sorts of foods. It is great to see her playing with other kids. I will keep these posts short since I continue to have the problems, but it is most likely the router here, as opposed to the mac.

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