Friday, November 30, 2007

A bar of chocolate a day

The other day (Tue) was a beautiful clear day, which is rather unusual for Zurich, apparently. We (Sonja, Emilie and I) ended up doing a stroll in the afternoon up on the hillside of the city, with nice views of the surrounding region. We (ahem, I) ended up talking with another woman doing the same - she had a five week old son in a carrier on a chest. Both of us ended up in the supermarket underneath the hillside. After getting a few fruits and veggies, I was passing the chocolate isle when I saw her again, contemplating which chocolate bar to get. I made a comment about the chocolate, and she said that since she started breastfeeding, she needs/eats one of those regular chocolates a day.

Sounds familiar.

I have been doing the same thing. Back in Fairbanks, I was going through our stashed away chocolate. Here, I just go for the value packs: yesterday I bought a kilogram of chocolate (10 bars, variety) for ten francs, and already started several ones. Probably the equivalent of two bars is already gone, and it is barely 24 hours later. I was glad to hear I am not the only one.

Here is our house on a clear sunny day. The house is the one where you can see multiple cars parked in front of it. It is near the center of the picture. The windows on the top floor (in the roof) are exposed (I was trying to find the antonym of receded), and we are in the corner window. We are actually at the window: Sonja, myself, and the third blob in between is the computer since I had to press a button to take the picture.

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