Saturday, November 10, 2007

Imaginary phone calls and conversations with Sonja

OK, one more post about Sonja for today, since I did manage to log into blogger and post. Does not happen often these days.

She loves to do imaginary phone calls. Hold several bricks of fake lego to her ear, so that they form a longer block, and one to your ear, and she starts telling you all sorts of things after establishing that you are indeed holding your phone to your ear. Can't put it down. Hallo, mama? is followed by an explanation of what we had done or what we will be doing or anything else.

Put a real phone into her hand when someone is on the line, even after she had claimed that she wanted to talk to that person (e.g. papa or aunt Regula or Tinu), and she is dead silent.

After Martin left for his travels on Wednesday, Sonja was also imitating our typical conversation on the landing by our front door each workday morning, including an excellent imitation of "see ya" that I say at the end. Parrot. Martin noticed she says "super" like he does too. Long past time to watch our language in front of her.

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