Monday, July 6, 2009


The smoke came on the 4th of July. Surprised me - we have had some good rain in the last two weeks, and I thought things (forests) were sufficiently damp to not burn (much). I sure hope that the summer of 2004 won't repeat itself - we had some bad smoke then, for days on end.

(view this afternoon of the Tanana River some 3 miles away, from Friar's Way)

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Matt Heavner said...

Huh. We seem to be having a bit of a repeat of 2004 here with the weather. We have even had a bit of haze the last few days--nothing like the Fairbanks smoke of 2004, but weird for Juneau. It may be pollen, or perhaps some upper atmosphere particulates from the Sarychev Peak volcano (it seems to be higher up in the atmosphere, too high for pollen). Anyway, hope the fire season is nothing like 2004!