Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fireweed by our house

I pulled out most of the fireweed around our house in the last however many years. Still, some remains. It is actually a wonderful, beautiful flower, enormous from Emilie's perspective, but it is definitely a weed if unchecked.

Interestengly, in czech, my dad said its name is Vrbovka Uzkolista, or willow-like narrow-leafed plant, nothing in the name implying weed-like properties. But the leaves are willow-like. And that property apparently made it into english also, based on this page, which lists synonyms as Willow herb, or great willow herb, in addition to translations in a bunch of languages including greenlandic. I may have to ask in Barrow next week if they have the same name for it.

Here is the fireweed by our house:

Sonja was patient with me trying to take a picture. I asked her to grab the plant (thinking she will reach up to show how tall it is), but instead, she grabbed it and yanked it down to her level...and made a nice mask out of it.

Emilie, picking our first raspberries, was dwarfed by the fireweed behind her in our driveway.


Matt Heavner said...

beautiful! The fireweed here in southeast seems extra fantastic this year.

Cecile said...

Interesting. I learned from your link that Fireweed is Epilobe in French