Saturday, July 11, 2009

My attempt at creativity

At the last moment, I signed up for a four-day class at UAF summer sessions - a four day landscape painting class taught by David Mollett. I really like his art. The class has ben fun. I am a complete novice. Oh well. I have enjoyed it, so that's what counts. (Even if I get a D since I realized the class is actually graded... not just pass/fail. :)

(my attempt)

(closeup of the scene, the fast way)

It has been great to see how others do it, apparently so effortlessly, mixing the colors, arranging the pieces - like this japanese student whose name I won't try to spell. It just amazes me how all of the elements in his picture look exactly like what he is painting.

It has also been wonderful to watch David Mollett paint.

The only bad part is that while I love oil paints because they don't dry out (so if I mix a color one day, I can still use it the next), our car now has some colorful smudges exactly because the painting does not dry in a timeframe that I am used to. (So, Martin, be prepared for some extra color in the car :)... just an advance warning so you're not too shocked when you come back from Yakutat.)


Cecile said...

I also hope that one day, I will learn how to draw. (I always think that when I retire, I will invest time in this.
Good luck !

inari said...

That's Yasu. I had the pleasure of having him in my class last semester. He single-handedly outdid all the other students.

padjsd said...

Great painting, Dana! Glad you had the opportunity to explore your creative side, although it seems like you are continually doing that in your kitchen!