Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun on the porch

Beautiful and hot day yesterday, beautiful though somewhat smoky today. We ate dinner on the porch both days. Kids loved it. Especially the little plastic pool with water. And the bubbles. The joys of summer.

What pool? The one that Emilie has a stroller in... next to the doors that used to be our front door and the back door until last December - we'll have to move them out but they are heavy. For now, they make a nice background to the pool and all the other junk on our porch.

The last couple days have been wonderful!


Matt Heavner said...

Looks great up there in Fairadise!! Glad everyone is home. We made it back from our trip to find a great sunny Juneau--I'm buying sunscreen by the bucket!

Cecile said...

No mosquitoes in Fairbanks ?