Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Portraits by Sonja

At Sonja's preschool, they have a lot of cool things. Like little stickers in the shape of eyes. This afternoon as we got there to pick her up, Sonja showed me a drawing of rainbow/different colors she did, and wanted Emilie to draw something too, at the small table that is set up outside in the play area so that kids can draw even during the times when they are outside. So we went there. Sonja started putting on the eye stickers. Four eyes stared at me from the paper. I asked her whether that was me and Emilie, and she said yes, then she proceeded to draw me around those eyes, and also Emilie (though she did not finish her body on that one). I had on a grey sweater over a pink dress, so that's what I am wearing in that picture. The only pink that remains visible is in perhaps the hip area on the right side.

And then she drew Emilie again. We're officially now in the era of stick figures. It's cool!

Yesterday's drawing. I forgot to ask her whether that's trees. And of course more eyes.

And, the drawing by Emilie while Sonja was busy drawing me and her:

The hot and smoky weather ended. First the hot weather, after last night the temperatures did not rise as they had done for the past week or so, and then even the stinky smelly smoke went away when it rained and the wind shifted to come form the north. Hurray!


Cecile said...

What an artist !

Matt Heavner said...

great art!! Thanks for posting it