Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our life here: neighbors

Our life here: our neighbors in the house.
The first two months in this house we were the only family with kids. One of the departments of the technical school is on the ground floor. Graduate students or researchers have rooms in the apartments on the first and second floor. Three different older couples had the apartments on the third and fourth floors over the time we had been here.

In December, we got lucky, and had a family (Nancy and Peter) with kids move in on the fourth floor, just below us, with kids who are a bit older than Sonja. It has been great having other kids in the house. We periodically bump into Nancy, Maya and Sabine; or Peter in the stairway, and interact with them a lot more than with the other neighbors. Here is a picture on the day of Sonja's and Peter's birthday, of our two families and Hilary and Sophie, who headed with us to the playground. Sonja was 3 that day, Peter... just a tad more :). Thanks, Nancy, for the picture, and for being a wonderful neighbor!

Our life here: the neighbors not in the house:

This guy is home every half hour or so. Very shy in front of the camera.

Beyond the building where the first neighbor lives, they are repairing a university (actually technical school) building. When they took down the scaffolding, we saw a lot of people, though each day we see at least a couple of those "neighbors":

On sunny days, the roofs become occupied in large numbers. Though it may not be visible in the image, at least on four different roofs there were people the day I took that picture. For the last week, probably no one would have been visible - too cool and rainy for that.

We are near the university hospital, and are overflown by helicopters several times a day

The crane is a big hit with Sonja. But we have seen the guy who operates it only a couple times.

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