Monday, June 2, 2008

Four years later

Four years to the day of our wedding, we borrowed some bikes from my aunt and uncle's collection and biked from their place to the hotel where the wedding reception had been. Martin had a bike with no speeds but with a kids seat near the handlebars, making for a very awkward biking, which required his knees to be way out so he wouldn't hit them on the kids seat. Any slightly bigger hill required him to get off the bike since there was no lower speed to shift into. Luckily there were not that many on the 45 minute bike ride. I had a nicer bike, and put Emily in the long wrap-around sling on my back. Luckily she didn't wiggle too much. My mom joined us for the occasion, and paid our lunch. Thanks, mom! Afterwards, naked Sonja and almost naked Martin frolicked in a nearby pond.

So far here is what we have been doing on the wedding anniversary:
- year 1: very busy with arrival of Sonja a couple weeks before the anniversary
- year 2: I forgot but Martin called me from Greenland to wish me a happy anniversary. I couldn't believe he would remember while I forgot, and thought that Jason reminded him. And indeed he had.
- year 3: I remembered the day before but not the day of, since a two year old and a couple dogs and my prego body made for a busy day. Martin called from Greenland. Apparently he was not reminded by Jason this year.
- year 4: I forgot. Martin remembered. I blame it on having to take care of two kids for a couple weeks while Martin was in Greenland. OK, so by the anniversary, he was back, but I was still recuperating.
Based on the count, Martin sure is doing better than me remembering this day :)


Dana said...

probably more traumatized...

Matt Heavner said...

awesome--congrats on 4 good years!

have a "day" rather than a date to remember sure was a good trick. I guess Ryan & Hil figured that one out as well (but it drives the "family history" people crazy!)

Matt Heavner said...

oh, and a great bike ride! I did my first attempts on a unicycle today. Although it was mostly a failure (I could balance for a little while, but I don't think I went more than 1 or maybe 1.5 meters..) I think I may try to find one to practice on more. It is much easier to fall off a unicycle and not get hurt!

Torsten is really into riding the "trail a bike" and had me take the training wheels off his bike (then he tried to ride it and had me put them back on!).