Thursday, June 5, 2008

At Veronika's

On the way to the Czech Republic, Veronika kindly invited to spend a night or two with her and her family in Munich, to break up the drive into manageable segments. We gladly accepted, and yet again enjoyed the hospitality of that great family.

(We met Veronika when she was a grad student in Fairbanks like we were. I will try to find a picture of her, Laura and me when we shaved our heads. I blame that on Laura, it was her idea :) Veronika made me watch the movie again. :))

Sonja played with Leo very nicely the first day in their treehouse:

Veronika, Lisa, Leo and Andrei:

And Sonja's portrait of them:

Really good food. Excellent waffles, apparently every Sunday. A whole table of toppings - smoked salmon, skvarky (craclings in english?), fruit, jam, special sugar... very good. We have a bit of a tradition in Fairbanks of going to Lulu's for a weekend breakfast, but may have to institute a tradition of doing waffles the other weekend day. Thanks, Veronika!

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