Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, in the game of Czechs vs the Swiss on Saturday, the first game of the European Football (soccer) championships, the Czechs won. How, I don't know. Most of the last half hour, the only part that we saw, the swiss offense kept the ball around the czech goal. But somehow, the czechs scored a goal. Even with the Czechs winning 1:0, I was allowed to sleep at Martin's parents' house :).

Tonight we watched a much better game, Spain vs Russia. Pouring rain the entire game, visible anytime the cameras zoomed in for a close shot. But what a game! Action, action, action, clean passes, amazing sprints, good shots. Spain won 4:1.

It was interesting that in that game, when one player was getting switched for another, they showed how many kilometers that player had run. Some of the Spaniards apparently ran 7 km, or 9km. Sprinting most of those kilometers. Tough guys. And interesting technology.

If the portugese are as good in fooball as their neighbors the spaniards have been, then tomorrow the czechs are going to lose badly. We'll see.

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Matt Heavner said...

Watch out you Euros! Torsten's first "football" (soccer!) practice is tonight... :)