Monday, June 16, 2008


Unlike the previous eight months, for the last week we had the TV on in the evenings to watch the soccer matches of the european championships. Sonja clearly does not like it. Two days ago, as Martin turned the TV on, she said "Abstelle!" - "turn it off". And it wasn't the first time, either. We had to laugh about that - in most cases, it would not be the parents who would want the TV on against the wishes of the 3 year old.

Both Switzerland and Czech Republic are out of the championships, but Martin seems determined to watch some good soccer games, so likely the TV is going to be on in this house a bit longer.

I should do a bit of disclosure and say that for most of the day, even when the TV is not on, the computer is on. But may be that is a slightly lesser evil, since we play children's songs in all three languages on it. And watch videos of Saphira that Sandy, who takes care of her, sends us. And the screen goes blank after five minutes of no one watching the computer. That sure does not happen to the TV.

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