Saturday, July 14, 2007

A walk by the Tanana River

Yesterday morning we dropped off Regula and Thomas at the airport. They had kept pretty busy on their 3 week vacation here.

Today, we went for a walk with the dogs by the Tanana River by the airport. With Sonja, we went there last weekend too, and the river was quite high. It looks like a new flow pattern has developed around the bend, because the "beach" (ok, most people would call that a mud flat) was significantly changed from last week. Luckily the river itself was lower too, so more of the beach was exposed. The dogs - both ours and that of several other people who were there, whom I sorta know from skijoring, loved chasing each other all over the beach and the surrounding bushes. Just a blur of black - the one white dog in the group was injured and hanging out with the humans, the other five black dogs (Mica and Saphira among them) were often just a blur of black.

Sonja threw a few sticks into the river for Saphira, who will retrieve them if they are within about one foot of the shore. Overall, considering the very rainy morning, we really enjoyed the walk by the tanana.

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