Monday, July 16, 2007

A few pictures taken at home

Currently blooming: Blue bells and the only cultured delphinium by our house (all the other delphiniums are wild, and have smaller flowers).

Saphira was going wild this evening when I was taking pictures of the flowers, but none of the pictures managed to capture her, at least not in focus. Some did not capture anything but a blur. Here is a picture when she finally stopped.

On Saturday, our little artist was busy painting the entire family, and gave Mica the portrait. Then she decided to add a few finishing touches to the picture. That was the last straw for Mica, she left shortly thereafter.

Martin busy balancing his many duties, much to the delight of Sonja.

After the bath tonight:

And after putting Sonja to bed, time to dig a little deeper, towards the water tank.

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