Sunday, July 22, 2007

Golden Days 2007: Parade and Red-Green River Regatta

This weekend we went to see the Golden Days Parade, and the Red Green River Regatta, both part of the Golden Days in Fairbanks. Neither Martin nor I have ever gone to either of these, but they are very nice family events.

For the most part, Sonja enjoyed the parade. She really didn't like the sound of the fire engines, the horn was a bit loud, and she got scared. Once those passed, she enjoyed looking at the cars and people. As noon approached, she did get tired, so we never ended up seeing the entire parade - we left to walk back to the car, and Sonja fell asleep on the way home.

Here are a few sights:

Today, we watched the start of the Red-Green River Regatta. The main rule is the following:
"Every vessel must contain at least ONE roll of duct tape in its construction."

The Regatta started downtown Fairbanks and continued onto AlaskaLand (aka Pioneer Park these days). It was a fun sight to behold. Sonja really enjoyed splashing in the river. (Check out the guy with the dog - the dog does have a comfy seat.)

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