Monday, June 25, 2007

Visitors and Granite Tors Trail

On Saturday evening, Martin's sister and her boyfriend arrived in Fairbanks. Martin decided to drag them out to Granite Tors the next day. As is appropriate for a Fairbanks visit, we managed to see several moose from the car. The hike itself was very nice, and especially the dogs enjoyed it very much. We split into two groups, Martin and myself, with Sonja, going a bit slower, and Regula and Thomas leading together with the dogs up ahead. Since we wanted to be back in town in time for dinner, and to go to the Farmer Jason outdoor concert in the evening, we only hiked two hours, before turning around and heading back.

In the evening, we enjoyed a barbeque on our deck. Sonja loved to water the tomato, basil and other herb plants, even though only half the water went into the planters, and the rest spilled over the porch. Clean porch.

Last picture: Sonja bundled up in a newborn fashion after her bath tonight, cradled by daddy.

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