Monday, June 11, 2007

Dealing with nails

Here is a special one for Martin: when I wanted to cut Sonja's nails, she showed me how she prefers to deal with them herself. If Martin was flexible enough, I am sure he would deal with his toenails the same way. As it is, he only deals with his nails on his hands this way. I don't know whether Sonja saw him do it, or whether she figured out how to do it herself... :)

Sunday we went again to watch the caribou. Sonja had almost more fun picking up dandelions. Still, for a while, she watched as the mama and baby ate from the trough. Later, the baby mimicking everything the mom did (sounds familiar???), the baby started scratching when the mom started doing so too.

I was checking the bird book whether Martin (above) made it in before he was actually due in. Alas, it's not Martin, it is a tree swallow. Plenty of them by Creamer's field.

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