Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Martin's back

Martin got back a week ago, and it was really nice to get him back. It was around midnight, so Sonja was already asleep, but when I was taking her to our bed at 3 or 4 am, she saw him, and for a loooong time it was just papa this and papa that, and she curled up with him to sleep. I think he must have been in heaven to get such a wonderful reception from her.

Saturday we went swinging in the playground, Sonja just absolutely loves that, at least for ten minutes. After that, she goes around and picks up garbage from the gravel. :) At home, she also played in the sandbox, happily ignoring the mosquitoes that came out after the occasional rains.

On Sunday, we had Turner (with parents Matt and Kris), and Sam (with parents Chris and Jess) over for a barbeque, except that a thunderstorm swept through half an hour beforehand, so we ended up mainly inside. In addition to it being Father's day, Martin also made tiramisu for my birthday, and we opened up most of Sonja's presents for her birthday, which was while Martin was gone. She especially loves yet another baby that she got from her godfather.

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