Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fairbanks Summer Folk Fest

Following up from the previous post, Sonja's stomach flu indeed only lasted one day, and by Thursday, she was fine.

Today, we went to Lulu's bakery for breakfast, followed by a quick stop by the hutchison center after Sonja threw up the bread that she ate. While I cleaned up the car, she was busy picking dandelions, as well as the first open fireweed that I saw this summer, and some heart-shaped flowers from a bush. After that, we went to Farmer's market.

One person from North Pole was selling perennials there, and talking with her about our place (shady, not sunny), she recommended columbine, delphiniums, maltese cross, and jacob's ladder. I did get some maltese cross since we do have the first two types of flowers by the house already. She was also selling edelweiss, but since it likes sun, I didn't buy it, despite thinking it would be a good joke to get for Martin. We then stopped by the playground behind HotLicks to swing on the swings before coming home for a nap.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Fairbanks Summer Folk Fest. Weather for it was beautiful - hot and sunny. We saw both people that were not much of a surprise, as well as a few surprises - like Tina. Last thing I knew she was in France, it was rather funny to bump into her in AlaskaLand. Ahem, Pioneer Park these days. Apparently she and Alain are here for Sharon and Lars's wedding at the end of the month, and will also be floating down the Canning river with Anthony starting Monday (he gets in tonight). She also said the Bucky's will be in at the end of the month too, independently.

Overall, for some three hours, with Sonja, we were exploring the little creek that runs by the stage area, swinging on swings, watching the choo-choo train, talking with people. Towards the end of our stay there, Sonja had fun sitting on me, and pushing me backwards into the grass, as well as putting sunscreen on the baby.

And on the way out, she found a much better water to go into than the stream, which was a bit deep for her: a shallow puddle. Couldn't leave without walking through it at least ten times.

At home, we saw a small dragonfly that fell into one of the rainbuckets. After rescuing it, we had ample opportunity to watch it while it dried its wings.

With respect to the bugs: earlier this week it rained. A lot. It was great, I think at least now we won't burn, or at least burn badly, even if there are some thunderstorms. Not only did the forest fire danger decrease, but the multiday rain also seems to have decreased the number of wasps around. In fact, today, I think I saw more of the flies that look like wasps (yellow and black striped), than wasps themselves. By googling it, looks like it might by syrphid fly. I won't shed any tears if the wasps themselves disappear, unlike last year, I am really looking towards eating more dinners on the porch. With Sonja, we already periodically do eat out there, though today I forgot to do that since we got home a bit late.

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