Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Flowers, stomach bug, and river

One week after the strawberries, I noticed the rose bushes blooming at Alaskaland. Blue bells are also out, as well as columbines. Another week later, yesterday, I noticed that the irises by the airport are blooming too (those by our house are trying to recover from transplanting them last fall).

Sonja got a stomach bug last night, so we are spending today at home. She is actually sleeping for the most part - I wondered whether anything can quiet down a toddler, and it seems like a stomach bug can. According to the doc's office, it should only last a day or two.

Several days ago, the weather was super hot, and we had fun hanging out between the hot porch and the cool house. Below is a picture of Sonja getting tangled in the loose mosquito screen after she stepped back inside, with her puppy in hand.

This past Sunday, Ann and Will invited us over for dinner, plus a pre-dinner walk with the dogs to the river. Sonja loved it. At the river, she kept throwing rocks into the water. Then she figured out some of the dogs were chasing sticks, and she started grabbing the branches out of the mud and throwing them in. Some of the sticks were longer than she was. We'll have to repeat that experience again.

After we finished dinner, friends of Will and Ann stopped by, together with their daughter, and her son, who is about a year older than Sonja. His name is Olin. Olin and Sonja thoroughly enjoyed playing a duet on the piano. A sight not to be missed :).

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