Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tanana bonfire

This afternoon we headed down the Tanana from the wayside downriver to the end of the second slough. The river was busy, a lot of people were enjoying the warm temperatures and sunshine. We had already passed one dog team, and here were two more, all with people sitting on the sled (likely paying passengers). Martin had a hold of Cooper to make sure that he didn't go say hi to the other dogs. I had Saphira, the kids had Cooper, and Martin got the most exercise - no dog to help along.

May be 3 miles down the river we arrived at the bonfire, near a fishwheel on a smaller slough of the Tanana. It is right under another bluff, but with a camera in one hand and skate boots on my feet, I didn't get very far up, unlike some others.

The kids got rides on the dogsled. First the girls, then the boys. With both Martin helped across the place where the ice was a bit broken so that the sled wouldn't crack, but after that the kids drove by themselves.

When the boys were on the dogsled, the girls got a ride from Chris. He always thought a snowmachine was a way to get chicks.

A closeup of the fishwheel on the bank of the river.

On the way back, around 5pm, we took a different, smaller slough, before going on the main river the last two miles. Fun time, passing many of the people from the party. On the main river a small breeze downriver slowed us down a tiny bit, but overall it was one excellent afternoon on the river, with friends, skiing, sunshine, and fun times.

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