Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ice park

Well, let's see... Martin made it back ontime, despite the Chilean earthquake that happened five days before he traveled. But he made it back, and that allowed me to go to the ice park a few days ago at night, while he was at home with the sleeping kids.

A tribute to that famous photograph Lunch atop a skyscraper by Charles Ebbets.

A rather realistic-looking dragon, considering it is a mythical creature.

Mechanical fish.
A close-up of the multi-block piece Saltwater Safari, that won 1st place (realistic).
And now, ten days after Martin, our friends made it over to here also, and we're glad to have them. Yet another visit to the ice park today, was that the fourth one for me this year? - this time with them.
Ice phone.
Something for Doerte.
Coming from back from the giant slides.

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Cecile said...

Beautiful !
Is Vladimir in the contest ?