Sunday, March 21, 2010

ONAC day 2 (dogsled races)

The Open North American Championships (ONAC) dogsledding races are underway this weekend. The "Open" stands for unlimited number of dogs, unlike the "Limited" last weekend. Wonderful weather for humans, too hot for the dogs - temperatures have been rising to close to the freezing point, may be even above it, in the heat of the day.

Arleigh Reynolds was in first place after the first day. Our dog Saphira comes from his lines, at least on ther mother's side of things (she ran off one time and came back pregnant, so the father was one of the dogs in the neighborhood). The nine-time defending champion Egil Ellis took the first place after the second day of racing. Today is the final day, day 3.

A couple pictures from day 2. We barely made it in to see the last few teams finishing at the dogmusher's hall.

Leading the dogs back to the dog truck after the race:

The last two mushers passing each other a hundred yards from the finish line. Mount Hayes in the background on the left, and Hess and Deborah on the right.

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