Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, Martin felt he has not increased his cholesterol in a while, so he called up Keith and Susan to see if they wanted to come over and have some fondue. Fondue is a bit of a social meal, better in company. Luckily for Martin, Keith and Susan were interested (though my impression was we were going to have fondue no matter what).

After Keith and Susan arrived, we had a slight moment of "oh oh" (as Emilie would say these days) when Martin realized he had no more jell to put into the burner. But, in a moment of brilliance, he suggested we use tealights, and so we put four of them below the pot and it worked just fine.

As we sat down around the table, Emilie showed us that she knew what one does: she immediately put a piece of bread on her fork. It was hilarious. And she chowed down several pieces of the bread dipped in the melted cheese.

After dinner, Sonja very easily managed to get Susan to read to her and Emilie and to play many games - Chutes and Ladders, Feed the Kitty, and Memory. A fun evening was had by all. And, amazingly, Martin did not overeat.

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Matt Heavner said...

Fantastic! And I did find the Lemon and Pepper Chocolate at Safeway today.. :)