Sunday, February 1, 2009

A trip to Mary's cabin

Now that I can export, here we go...

Four years ago, at the NAEC auction, we bid and won a trip to Mary's cabin: our stuff was transported in by Mary and a friend of hers with their two dog teams, and we were responsible for getting ourselves the ten miles from the road to the cabin. At that time, she extended an invitation for future visits. We have been taking her up on the offer each year ever since.

This year, after the two weeks of fourty below, when the weather warmed to fourty above two weeks ago, Martin called her up, and she said we were welcome to go. So we did. Jason and Inari came with us. We borrowed the double chariot from Matt and Kris (thanks!). Between the double chariot, two kids, a big backpack with two sleeping bags and all the rest of our stuff, two dogs, two pairs of skis and poles, and two adults, the car was rather full.

At the trailhead, I discovered that I forgot my skiboots at home, so the others got going while I drove back (with the dogs, so that I could catch up to the rest of the party), got the bag with the boots, and arrived at the trailhead an hour after I left it.
The trail was a bit icy in the beginning due to the very warm temperatures, then after a few miles was nice. The dogs pulled like crazy. I caught up with the rest after half an hour. Then, Martin got the dogs (he already had the kids), and we continued on the way. The overflows were not as bad as two years ago when we went (or was it three?). The trail was longer than what we remembered: 10 miles, not 7. Overall, very nice.

At the cabin:

On the way back, I got Saphira to pull me, and Martin was pulled by Cooper.

We also met Celso and Barbara nearly by the car. Those guys tried to go to a cabin, but the Chena River was not frozen, so they went on a day trip instead:

All of that, plus two adults, have to fit into the car.

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