Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another find: Lemon & Pepper Chocolate

A confession: today, for the first time since we came back, I visited the new Safeway store that sprouted up here in Fairbanks in place of the old one in the year that we were gone. Somehow, visiting a new store seemed daunting. With kids in tow, it was simply easier to go to Fred's, where we know where everything is. And even without kids, it was easier for the same reason. So today I decided to check out the new Safeway. Browsed the isles, checking what they have here... and there - and that's how I discovered that there is this intriguing chocolate sold there....

Could it be our favorite Lemon and Pepper from the swiss grocery store Migros, that Hilary and Ryan introduced us to? It says Product of Switzerland. It does not have the Frey (manufacturer for Migros) name. But the shape of the squares of chocolate within the bar is the same (thanks again to Hil and Ryan, we have one sample here to compare it to, down from numerous bars they sent us). And lastly, there is the taste. Martin confirms: it sure tastes like it is the Lemon & Pepper that we consumed in large quantities last year. We will definitely be visiting the Safeway store more often from now on :)

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Matt Heavner said...

I haven't seen that in Juneau safeway! I'll have to look more closely (I mostly try to avoid that high-temptation section!)