Monday, May 12, 2008

Sonja self portraits

We are slowly moving to living on our balcony. The days are beautiful and hot. The balcony is quiet, has a nice view. Not necessarily cool, but it does have an awning that makes some shade. And we are documenting it. Or rather, Sonja is documenting it. She loves the timer that makes a picture with a ten second delay. I love it too, without it, she shot three pictures per second instead of one to two per minute. Here are some of her self-portraits:

Here is the picture I took, much to the chagrin of Sonja:

She now considers the camera hers. She was rather upset when I was taking the above photo, and was telling me: "give me back my camera, mama!"

And, we are enjoying strawberries. In our mouths. On our mouths. On our face. On our shirts. Underneath the high chairs. You name it, we probably have strawberry pieces on it:

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