Friday, May 9, 2008

Downgrade from being a B to being an A

I now longer am a B. As of today, I am, on occasion, an A.

As in: Emily moving from A to B, I tended to be the B.

Today, Sonja had the door to the balcony open, and that is where Emily headed. Across the door frame. Onto the balcony. Away from me.

And so I got demoted to being only the starting point of her journey, not the ending one. Independent girl. (By this evening I was back to being sough after though when she wanted me bad in order to fall asleep.)

Emily seems much more independent than Sonja. Even though Sonja is becoming more independent too. Today she went by herself on a slide. OK, so there was a one-and-a-half year old (half her age) who was also going down that long slide all by himself, too, but for each kid the milestones are different, and this was a big one for Sonja. She slid right behind me a couple times. And then she tried it herself. And she liked it. And did it again. And again. Three times, that was it for today, but may be tomorrow she might try again, by herself.

Sonja surprised me a second time today when we headed to a new playground by the lake, where the sandpit includes a couple big "rocks" (made of some concrete mixture), and a spring which can be turned on for five seconds by a button. The water from that spring flows down across the rock in several small pools before coming into the very nice white sand of the sandpit. Sonja helped me push the button for the water, some minutes later started running into the "river" when that water reached the sand. She then followed the course of the water upstream and climbed onto the rock itself, and walked up the water way and down it again. As before, nothing too spectacular, but I am so used to having myself dragged by Sonja to whereever she wants to go, it was great and satisfying to see her doing some exploring by herself.

Independent girls. Each in her own way.

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