Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moms ski, dads watch the kids, part 2: Auf den Stöcken, 2591 m

Part 2 of the "moms ski while the dads watch the kids", this time with Elsbeth. We spent the night at Elsbeth and Tinu's. Got up at 4am, shoveled some breakfast down our mouths, and tried to leave the house by 4:30, which was really more like 4:45. Drove towards the Gothard pass, then left the car as far as the road was snow-free, together with fourty other cars. Then it was up... overall some 900m till we stood on top of a small bump named Auf den Stöcken, at 2591 m above the sea (almost 8500 feet). Then ski down, relax, take a nap without kids, ice cream without kids... then drive back home and see how the guys Martin and Tinu managed with the four kids. And they did just fine, by the sound of it.

Roman joined us for the first part of the ski, then we split up. Here is Elsbeth showing Roman where the restaurant is on a map:

The two moms on top of a small hump in the alps, Auf den Stöcken, 2591 m or some 900m above where we started.

The sun warmed the snow very fast, so instead of pumping on top, we skied down first and only then pumped. The first couple hundred meters of skiing were absolutely great, then the snow got a bit too slushy and heavy. Then it was definitely time to pump!

Crocuses coming out in between the snow down below

We got to Elsbeth and Tinu's home, to find no one there ... so we enjoyed the quietude a tiny bit longer, then we saw them coming back

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