Friday, April 4, 2008

I promise to myself to read junkmail from now on

In our mailbox arrived this thing some week and a half ago:

Now, that's a lot of german! I thought it was just some junkmail that on occasion makes it into our mailbox. And so this unstamped piece of paper hung around our table for a week. And then I finally glanced at it two days ago, April 2, when I was going to toss it into the paper bin.

Darn! I wish wish wish I had read it when it arrived. My rough translation, with a lot of use of dictionary, and help from Martin:

"Dear neighbor

I will be 50 and want to have a huge party
You are cordially invited. Just bring this card with you.

I would like to receive you on Wednesday March 26 at 4pm ...(description where - pretty much within 50 yards of our house)

(the name), Graphical Designer and Opera singer
I have already gray hair, but full of life and stayed young. Long life expectancy, and for 2008 a good, favorable and pleasant horoscope!!

Lively music, oldies, but also a series of songs that I want to perform. I will be accompanied on piano by my best friend (female).

I hope that it will be really cool!!
Wine, beer and liquors, sandwiches and toast: I'll provide everything. Just bring good humor. You will be astonished, what comes up. So that I can withhold a portion of the "joint acquisitions" of 300,000 Franks ($296,000) from my ex-husband, I am now spending in this form. So be generous to yourself. "

The moral of the story: I promise to myself that I will read my junkmail from now on, when it arrives :)

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