Thursday, April 10, 2008

April der macht was er will (April does what it wants)

About April, they say that "April macht was er will", it does what it wants to do.

Apparently in April, it can snow, or rain, or be sunny, or be warm, or be cold. Can't count on neither winter weather. Nor spring or summer weather. And we certainly got weather like that. After March, when things started warming up, April hit with snow, rain, and cool temperatures. On some days, it rains and snows and is sunny all on the same day.

It will be interesting to see when the weather finally improves, though the trees are starting to green up even now. I don't know what I prefer, breakup in Fairbanks or April in Zurich.

Almost-April: March 25 in Zurich:

After a rainy weekend in Zurich (the forecast of which made us escape to Tessin), Monday was sunny but cold. View from our balcony:

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Matt Heavner said...

crazy spring in AK as well. Juneau has had snow showers the last 2 or 3 days (and ~1" accumulation each night). Should be good hiking up Eaglecrest for a month or more...

Anchorage had a storm w/ 11" dumped in town and police "urging drivers to slow down."

It looks like the storm is heading up to Fairadise, with 2-3" snow now and another 3-6"-ish tonight.