Thursday, April 17, 2008

Emily sits by herself

A couple of firsts for Emily: she has been pulling herself up on a lot of things by herself for several weeks. Today I noticed her sitting herself up (from a lying position) for the first time.

In addition, she has a tooth coming in at the top. She already has two at the bottom. The "first" tooth is sticking not quite 2mm above her gums, the "second" tooth is perhaps 0.5mm out, and now there is a hole in the upper gum, where the tooth has been visible behind the skin all along, but will probably now be finally really coming out. Three teeth, eight months just about.

Since Martin is out of town, a couple pictures for him:

After pulling herself up on the couch, Emily was watching me as I lay behind it trying to take a picture of that upper tooth trying to peek out:

Our other girl two days ago:

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