Monday, April 28, 2008

8 months

that is how long Emilie has been with us. What a change. She can sit up by herself. She scoots around on her butt. Not as efficient as crawling, but certainly gets her from point A to point B. Point B generally being mama. Or something that she should not be touching. Such as a set of drawers, into which she has already managed to pinch the fingers of both her hands at the same time.

(scooting that butt forward...)

She is also busy practicing standing, but now does know how to lower herself down into sitting position...only to stand up immediately again.

(unhappy with standing, or rather having her picture taken...)

She is still breastfeeding, though it's getting more difficult. Not because of the three teeth. But let me see, what is over here? And over there? And what did I just hear over to this side? And what is that thing? Something much more interesting than the breast, which has, afterall, been around forever, as far as she is concerned. The other things are new, exciting, worth trying to touch and pinch and stroke and move. Who has time to drink when there are all these things to explore!

(soon thereafter a hand shot upward trying to grab the camera)

Emily's also been discovering her voice and the different sounds one can make with a mouth. Brrrrrr, a sound similar to what a car would make was very popular for the last two weeks. Wheezing has replaced that this week. Good thing to know she is just discovering her voice. That wheezing could make me take her to the doctor otherwise.

(proud at her temporary destination, Emily checks out the glass)

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