Friday, January 18, 2008

Starbucks price shock

Yesterday, Hilary stopped by with Sophie, and we went for a walk to Ryan's office. He needed a break, so we headed to the Starbucks next door to the building where he works, since apparently they have comfy chairs.

Obviously I have never ventured into a Starbucks here in Switzerland, because when the time came to order, I was shocked at the prices: most drinks were Swiss Franks 6.xx/7.xx/8.xx for the small/medium/large - at today's exchange rate of 1.1 Swiss franks to the dollar, that makes it something like $5.xx/6.xx/7.xx. Ouch. At least the tea was "only" CHF 3.90, or $3.50. Compare that with $1.50 for a tea in most Starbucks in the states (Key West was an exception, there it was $2.00, if I remember correctly). Definitely a bit of a shocker. Not a good time to be getting paid in american dollars and be living in Europe. Or elsewhere.

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