Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skate skiing by Sihlsee and a visit to Elsbeth and Tinu

Today we went to visit Elsbeth and Tinu. The original plan was for all eight of us (four of them and four of us) to go to the frozen Sihlsee near where they live, and enjoy the sunshine. Some were going to go skate skiing, then we were going to switch off. Instead of sun, the sky ended up being overcast, so with plan B, we all went to Einsiedeln, but Martin and Tinu went skiing while the rest of us hung out at their home for another hour and a half, and then we went to meet them by the ski area. Martin complained about the competence of the swiss cross-country skiers: apparently he was getting passed by everyone and their grandmother. Well, may be not quite. I think he and Tinu had a nice 20km or so ski.

After lunch, I went for a 10km ski in the flats by myself, surprising myself by not falling a single time (last year I only skijored plus I was pregnant, and this year I haven't made it on skis yet), then we all met up again, loaded the extremely tired kids into the bus, and went back to Einsiedeln. In the afternoon, Lena and Sonja played together.

Frozen Sihlsee, next to which are the cross country trails:

The day was tough on the kids (here Elias and Lena). Tinu is one tough guy: he pushed the stroller with the two kids (not very stable in that configuration), had a backpack on his back, and carried a ski bag with three pairs of skis in it.

Elias with his parents:

Everyone played nicely together (Tinu too):

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