Monday, January 14, 2008


This last weekend we spend with Martin's siblings and significant others and kids. Overall, 8 adults, 8 kids. Lots of snow (we stayed in a hut up in the mountains), ton of sunshine on Sunday, a lot of skiing, some sledding.

Anyways, somehow when we were talking with Martin's sister Christine on Friday night, she remarked that their grandma used to make "chruchtele" for the carnival time before easter, and that no one in the village has a recipe for that. So this is my attempt to use google to see if I can find it.

So: name something like chruchtele (spelling unclear, but this spelling gives the most google results), and Martin said he is sure that cream ("rahm") was an ingredient in the dough. The dough was fried, but probably not of a thick enough consistency to be rolled out and cut into pieces. It is made for carnival, so it could be described as "fasnachtsgeback", from the canton (state within switzerland) of Wallis.

Probably not the right chruchteli since it does not include cream, and the dough is rolled out: from here. Other swiss recipes on the same website are here.

Also probably not the right one, since the dough is again rolled out: from here.

Hmmm... in the google cache of this one, is "ruhm" really "rahm"...?

This site appears to have many special swiss recipes (in german) Found it when I looked for rickli (another fasnachtsgeback) rahm.

Well, overall, I have to say that I will probably give up with this search. It looks like many a region in swizerland had its own "fasnachtsgeback". I should still search for Fasnachtschüechli (fasnacht cookies) before giving up though.

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