Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy birthday, Saphira!

Our crazy dog, currently in care of Sandy back in Fairbanks (many many thanks, Sandy!), is turning two years old today. Happy birthday, Saphira!

Sonja misses you. She really enjoyed watching the pictures and movies that Sandy sent. Yesterday in the train, she kept asking "what does sandy say (to) saphira?", to which the correct reply is "get the ball, saphira!" (from one of the movie clips Sandy sent). Nice and cute, but certainly after the tenth time that Sonja asked, it was getting old :)

Here is a picture Martin snapped of Saphira just before we left Fairbanks:

Happy birthday, Saphira! I am afraid by the time we get back to Fairbanks you will be a bit more grown up than the crazy puppy we left behind.

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