Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visit to the Caribou and Twin Bears Mountain trip

Today we visited the caribou at the experimental farm for a few minutes this morning. We watched the caribou babies that we last saw some two weeks ago. They were quite a bit bigger now. In addition, a train came by (the track is on the other side of the street from the farm), so we also watched a train from real close by. Perhaps too close, I think Sonja didn't enjoy it as much as she does normally when she hears the "hoo hoooo" of the locomotive. Still, anytime she does hear the "hoo hooo", she says the word for train: vlak.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went hiking on the Compeau trail, which is closed to 4 wheeler traffic during breakup, defined as April 15 thru June 5. With Dorte and Kasper (who is exactly 4 months younger than Sonja), an Kerry and Eve (similar age to Kasper), we pushed our three Chariots through some nasty mud (due to 4 wheelers messing it up) on the access trail before we got into the part that was closed during breakup to all but hiking. That trail goes up and up and up. It goes to the top of Twin Bears Mountain, probably 2.5 miles one way from the parking lot. At the top, some breeze provided respite from the bugs, which are definitely out (at least in that region, in town, they are still ok). The dogs had fun, the moms and kids also.

Afterwards, with Dorte and Kasper we went to Chena Hot Springs. Both Sonja and Kasper enjoyed the hot springs tremendously. Sonja had a huge smile on her face the whole time while we were in water. We tried to eat dinner at the hot springs (two weeks ago we went to Angel creek lodge instead, which was a mistake), but the kids were tired, so both Dorte and I got doggie bags and left for home. Overall, Saturday was a busy day for Sonja. Especially since on the way home we also saw two moose right next to the yak farm - first time in more than a month that we saw moose. At least the "moose poop" piles will hopefully make more sense to her once again.

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