Friday, May 18, 2007

Martin in Greenland, first Bun on the Run, snow on Ester Dome, Sonja's brithday, etc

Well, the last ten days have been busy. Martin left for Greenland Monday a week ago, travelling via East Coast. By Sunday night, he made it into their camp, somewhere east of Ilulissat, overlooking the glacier. But then it sounded like right after the helicopter dropped them off, the weather got very windy for several days (60 knot winds, so imagine standing on top of a car that's going at 70 mph).
Matt came up for a visit of Fairadise, as he calls it, at the end of the week, and even noticed that Bun on the Run, the local bakery trailer that is open during the summer, had its opening day Friday. He was going to buy out all of their cinnamon rolls, but then I think he relented from that. He was very nice and dropped off one of them by my office - thanks Matt!
That evening, we went to eat at Anne and Don's. Excellent polenta. Sonja was not too impressed though, so we left around 8:30. Still, while there, Sonja had fun watching the dogs (red dogs instead of the black ones at our house) and cat, and also the squirrel outside.
Saturday morning we went with Sonja and the dogs to the top of Ester Dome so that the dogs would get a walk. We left the car in between the two peaks, and then followed the marathon trail to the turnaround point. Dogs had a lot of fun. Sonja fell asleep on my back. It started snowing. Snowed more and more. Sonja woke up, unhappy. I think she was happy when we finally got back to the car.
Sunday morning we went on a Frog Walk at creamer's field, but since it froze during the night, we didn't really see that many frogs. Still, coming back from a little loop out there on the refuge, Sonja had a lot of fun telling me to sit on this bench, and that bench. We also watched the cranes and ducks there.
Moving onto this past week, it was Sonja's second birthday. I brought a cake to daycare and we opened the gift that aunt and uncle and cousins send, but otherwise we will have a proper celebration when Martin comes back in mid June. Perhaps it was the shot that she received at the doctor's office, but she did remind me of terrible two's that evening.
Wednesday evening we went walking on the university trails with the chariot. I was pleasantly surprised that she was willing to sit in it, it made it nicer that way (when she wants to be out, we don't get anywhere, and the dogs get bored). We might try to do the same thing tonight.

Overall, Fairbanks is now, two weeks after the leaves on the trees started coming out, is very nicely green, and grass is starting to turn green also. Oh no!, as Sonja would say - I don't know why she says Oh no! any time I mention how nice it is to have green trees. More later... hopefully.

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Hilary said...

Happy 2nd birthday Sonja!!!

Sorry I didn't send anything - things have been a little busy over here. Hope you had a good day and have an even better celebration in June when your daddy gets home.

Sending love,
Hil, Ryan and Sophie