Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dogs, and Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs

Here is our hill just starting to green up, on Friday, the second day when the trees were green.

Next, a few pictures of Sonja: playing wth the woodpecker, and laughing her head off:

Next, a few pics of Sonja with Mica...

And, second to last, picture from today's hike from Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs. 9 miles altogether. The dogs had a blast. Sonja enjoyed it too, though the ridge was a bit windy for her, and towards the end the hike was getting too long for her, and she itched to walk again like in the beginning of the hike. The conditions were ok - Saturday it rained in town but snowed up at the ridsgeline, so there were a couple inches of fresh snow everywhere. Once at Chena Hot Springs, we soaked in the pool, an activity enjoyed by all involved.

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