Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sunday trip to Nenana

On Sunday, we took a short trip to Nenana. While it was not Sonja's first trip in a small plane (she went to Atqasuk with me last year), it was the first time she flew in a small plane with Martin as the pilot. Sonja was very excited to be at the airport, where we could see a bunch of small planes landing and taking off.

On the way to Nenana, we saw some birds, probably geese, migrating north.

At Nenana, we walked to town and to the river, but were two days too late - the ice underneath the Nenana tripod had apparently given way the previous Friday, thus ending this year's Nenana Ice Classic guessing game where people try to guess the time the tripod falls in. Both on the way to Nenana and on the way back, Sonja fell asleep in the airplane.

Moose from the air, pretty close to Fairbanks.

This evening I went to see David Sedaris, an author who sometimes appears on This American Life (heard on our local NPR station, though it is done by Public Radio International). Funny guy. I can recommend hearing him talk.

On to other things, I think by the end of this week the whole town will be green, the trees seem to be really close to greening up.

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