Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sixth day of camping - Anahola Beach

The sixth day of camping took us to Anahola Beach on the east side of Kauai. We arrived in late afternoon. Put up tent and went swimming. This is how the beach looked a couple steps down from our tent.

In the morning we woke up and Emilie insisted in the dusk that she needed to go poop, so I got up to take her to the bathroom (for peeing, we had a potty with us, which stayed in the vestibule. and was used a lot by both kids). As I stuck my head out in the grey light of early morning, I was taken aback - some twenty or so people sat in intervals on the beach, including pretty close to our tents, and were either reading or writing or just watching the waves. All had headlamps on, so initially all I saw were these twenty or so points of light spread out on the beach. I was wondering what new-ageish occurence we have come across? This picture doesn't do it justice, it got exposed for a long time. I had to ask the girl we encountered as we waited in line (!) for the bathroom at 7am. She said they were a college group who were taking an outdoor education class for credit, they were heading to the NaPali coast from there. After at least half or 3/4 hour, all of them got up and went to their tents.

We had a leasurly breakfast, the sun got up, and we headed back into the water. The kids loved it.

Watch out, a monster's coming out of the sea! Sonja had a swimsuit that has inflatable chambers inside.

Then the tent was packed up. All that was left of our sleeping area were some mats that were in the vestibule of the tent. Beautiful day!


Matt Heavner said...

What a fantastic trip!! We're jealous.. Thanks for sharing the great photos!

Cecile said...

I am very jealous. Did the sea monster scare all the sudents away ?

Kasia said...


Was it a good experience camping in Anahola? I am thinking of camping there on a Saturday night, however I was told by the county that "there are better parks" nicely said. Can you please give some advice to this.

Beautiful pictures by the way!!!!!!

Thank you,


Dana said...

Hi Kasia,

the grassy area on that beach are only fifteen to thirty feet wide if I recall correctly, parallel with the beach - on the other side of it is the parking lot. On the other hand, that put our tent much closer to the actual beach than in other places. So yes - there is not that much of an actual park, but for spending a night between other campgrounds, it was sufficient. Would I go back? Probably again to spend a night or two when other campgrounds are closed.
Have fun if you go!