Monday, February 14, 2011

Camping at Anini Beach

Camping at Anini was cool. As in being in the far north of Kauai, one could feel the latitude, and we wore sweaters most of the time :). Unlike the previous spot at Anahola (where people sat at sunrise on the beach, motionless), there were plenty of people right next to where we pitched the tent at Anini, but they were on their knees, looking for the tiny red shells called Kahelelani. So we joined them, and found some too. Apparently it was one of the few spots around the island where the shells can be found. Picture below: our tent, a few steps from the beach. The waves break on the reef far out in the distance.

The next day we took a hike around Anini. There were a lot of cool trees to climb over, through, under, or around.

Notes for future camping: the tip of the beach was actually not the best place to camp - there was a channel nearby that guided a lot of the water behind the reef in or out. If it had been warm enough to go swimming, it would have been better to be a bit to the side from the tip. And, not under the trees - the lack of sun was noticeable. Though one cool thing about the trees was that we got to see the wild chickens going to roost in the trees. And there was an egg right next to our tent too. (it had been there when we put the tent up, so who knows how long it was there...)

Reindeer tree, as Sonja called it. See it, looking out towards the right?The antlers are going up off the picture, one big round eye is visible, as is the mouth and the nice neck. The legs, well, you have to imagine those.

Almost at the end of the beach.

And the next day, we ended up eating breakfast at this picnic table, also a few feet in the other direction from our tent. Had to pull up our feet a few times when the wave came in higher. And a nice big wave is crashing over the protecting reef far offshore.

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