Friday, February 4, 2011

Kilauea Point and Wildlife Refuge

We left Anahola Beach and headed for the Kilauea Wildlife Refuge on the Kilauea Point.

We ate some pizza for lunch in a top parking lot, looking down on the main parking lot [at left] and the refuge. No food is allowed in the refuge. Huge cliffs everywhere. To get to the parking lot, one *has* to use a car - no pedestrians. Ouch! (They cited safety concerns due to the narrowness and turns of the road.)

The wave action against the cliffs was very impressive. Wouldn't want to be down there at sea level!

The most common bird in the refuge is the red-footed booby. That is apparently what all of those white dots are. on that green hillside.

May be because it is so common the hawaiian name for it is the sweet and short 'a.

Checking out the endangered (Hawaiian) Nene goose. We almost got kicked out after the kids forgot how to behave, started chasing each other, and nearly took out this poor bird. As soon as we corralled them, we left, but it was close.

A Laysan albatross soared around the point (top of picture). It is huge, with ~6ft wingspan.

At the end of the day, we put up our tent under the big trees at Anini Beach - in fact it was right behind that big tree on the right, with the Kilauea point visible in the background. That picnic table served us well the second day for breakfast.

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