Friday, April 30, 2010

Signs of spring

  • The tripod fell down yesterday (Nenana Ice Classic)
  • Robins, geese, cranes, etc are back
  • Bugs are back
  • Hummers are back out too, somehow they too disappeared during winter (low mileage per gallon???)
  • It rained!!! First time since... September?
  • Mud season by our house where the sun doesn't shine enough to dry things out
  • Mud season by the river, too, resulting in some bare knees after the muddy pants got taken off
  • and still by the river, one can actually see into it, perhaps even half a foot! Now before the glaciers start melting and sending a lot of silt down the river, when one can see barely two inches in.

  • Things are about to go green. The buds on trees are about to break. Yay for that, too!

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