Tuesday, April 20, 2010

California visit

Over the easter weekend we had a nice visit to California so that the kids got to see their cousins and aunt and uncle and grandparents and many animals at the SF zoo. Fun trip. At the end, parents and "adults" as well as "adoults" elsewhere got banned from pretty much every but one room in the house.

Unfortunately the british cousins were supposed to be returning to Europe this past weekend. We'll see how long it takes them to return given the situation of the european airspace. Sounds like they are opening it up, though the volcanic ash cloud may return any moment. And, the cloud got blown over southern end of Greenland too, so Martin might have been impacted too, but he is not supposed to be heading out of field back to civilization until next weekend.

1 comment:

Matt Heavner said...

That sign looks very familiar! We must be in the same stage...

The rest of the pictures look great! Fun trip. Hopefully the main impact on Martin is just some fantastic sunsets!