Friday, August 7, 2009

Upper Chena picnic

A week ago Sarka and her husband invited us to join them for a picnic on a gravel bar of the upper Chena River. We did, and had a wonderful time. The gravelbar was close to the Granite Tors trailhead.

Kids ran around. Dogs had fun too (one at a time, to make sure they didn't disappear). Adults mainly sat around.

Sarka and George shared really good moose sausage with us. And we had some pizza dough, cooked over the fire, too - instead of wrapping it around a stick, we put it into one of the fish grills. It came out great.
Setting up:

The kids: Lucka, Kacka, Sonja, Emilka. Sonja is still wearing the ductape crown form the previous weekend's Red and Green River Regatta.

The men putting away the folding table. I just love the drunken trees in the background.

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