Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am so glad that the air quality is unhealthy

Everything is relative. Right now, the air quality is unhealthy. Great! Yay, that's good to hear! Wahoo! (my responses to the unhealthy level)

"Unhealthy" is great to hear in comparison with what we had been through. In the last couple days, the air quality has been "very unhealthy" (a step above "unhealthy"), and even "hazardous" for a couple hours last night, due to the smoke from the forest fires all around us, so to have a plain "unhealthy" condition is almost a pleasure. Everything is relative...

It did help that it rained last night and today. First true rainfall in a month. Much needed.

Fallout of ash on our car during one night.


View from the west ridge of the university onto the field below. Geist Road would be in the background, if it would be visible.

Ashcloud above our house. The light was real strange.

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Matt Heavner said...

yeah, I definitely picked the wrong time to visit Fairadise! Although it was fun to see everyone, and great to hang w/ Sonja and Emilie (and parents..). I barely made it out--one of the only flights out of Fairbanks yesterday..

It is nothing like Fairbanks, but the smoke is here in Juneau as well, and they even issued an air quality alert here!! Nothing like Fairbanks again.. "Department of Environmental Conservation officials say overall air quality will predominantly be good to moderate, with periods that may become unhealthy for sensitive groups."