Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Car camping on upper Chena

Three moms, five kids, three dogs, one night on upper chena river.

Bummer was Sonja was not feeling well, so she didn't play much on Friday, and I rolled my ankle.

Friday night:

Lucie and Emilie hard at play.

Dogs and kids are off and away, moms remain.

Bald eagle.

Saturday morning, very foggy until the sun was high enough to burn the fog off.

Two ravens bugged a bald eagle, and periodically one or both checked us out.

Car camping at its finest. Allows one to bring everything ut the kitchen sink. Neither the kitchen sink, nor the husband, would have fit inside my car, it was too full already (not pictured :).

The trees lean any which way into the water. Cassidy, Sonja and Lucy are bundled up.

Saphira and the almost-burned-off fog.

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